Darnell getting back to his best

25 Feb 2019 09:55
Published by: Kian French

NORTH End right back Darnell Fisher believes his game is improving as he gets a run of games in the side.

And he has spoken of the importance of having a settled team in Preston’s recent run of good form.

The 25-year-old thinks that consistency has helped the side in recent games and that he, personally, is starting to find a rhythm from the matches under his belt.

He told iFollow PNE: “Having a settled team has helped us 100 per cent. When you play with the same person, you know their game inside out.

“You know that is they go one way, you have to tuck yourself round – it is just part of the game and it is good to know you are playing alongside the same person you will play with in the next game.”

Fisher added: “I am starting to feel sharp. You need a run of games. You can’t come in and go out; you need a good few games to get ready and get fit.

“You can train all you want, but it is different when you play on Saturday in a match.”

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