First song featuring rare instrument is music to the ears

7 May 2020 03:44
Published by: Scott Callan

The first single featuring the unique sounds of rare instruments recorded for an award-winning University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) project has been released.

The Path of the Zadar Sun is now available on all major streaming services, including iTunes and Spotify, and features the haunting sounds of the Zadar Sea Organ, in Croatia. The sounds are generated by the ebb and flow of the Adriatic Sea, creating melodies and rhythms which vary depending on weather conditions.

The instrument was recorded for Global Sound Movement (GSM), a unique digital arts initiative that captures the sounds of rare and exotic musical instruments from across the globe for commercial use with profits donated back to the communities.

GSM, which won the 2016 Times Higher Education's Excellence and Innovation in the Arts award, was created and is led by three academics from UCLan's Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries.

UCLan Senior Lecturer Phil Holmes, Course Leader of Music Production, said: "Combining sounds from around the world recorded by GSM, The Path of the Zadar Sun is truly an example of how the world can work in harmony."

Phil Bush, GSM co-founder and composer, performs with an acoustic guitar over cultural significant instruments sampled from Uganda, China, Cyprus, Bali and Gibraltar during the 3 minutes 54 seconds song.

The production uses samples available via the GSM website and will work with mixing software including Ableton, Kontakt and Logic.

The song ‘The Path of the Zadar Sun' is available to stream and purchase from Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Deezer.


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