Call to Support National Day of Prayer this Sunday, March 22

20 Mar 2020 04:49
Published by: Kian French

The Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev. Dr Jill Duff, encourages participation in a new video released today by the Diocese.

Bishop Jill says in the video: "On our first Sunday without public worship, the Churches in Britain and Ireland have called for a National Day of Prayer and Action. This includes an invitation to light a candle in your window at 7pm as a sign of faith that Jesus is the light of the world.

"In our nation, we have seen astonishing answers to prayer at times of national crisis. On 4th August 1918, the Queen's Grandfather, George V called for a National Day of Prayer, 100 days later the armistice was signed to end the First World War. On 22nd May 1940, George VI called for a National Day of Prayer, thousands queued round the block to pray in Westminster Abbey.

"Two events immediately followed. Firstly, a violent storm arose over the Dunkirk region grounding the Luftwaffe which had bene killing thousands on the beaches.

"And then secondly, a great clam descended on the Channel, the like of which hadn't been seen for a generation, which allowed hundreds of tiny boats to sail across.

"They hoped to rescue 30,000 troops, instead they rescued 335,000. This was known as 'the miracle of Dunkirk'. We are asking for miracles again."

A large number of Coronavirus liturgy and prayer resources are available here for download, including prayers for use with children. Other prayer and activity resources for use with children are available on the Diocesan Board of Education website here.

In addition, courtesy of St Laurence's Church in Chorley, we have an Order of Service for prayer and worship at home. The first one is here and there will be a new one available every week on the Diocesan website.

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