Channel 4 documentary 'Lodgers' explores old and young living together

20 Mar 2019 12:48
Published by: Daniel Almond

Coming soon… A new Channel 4 documentary delving in to a new concept, The documentary titled ‘Lodgers’ is looking at the idea of old & young living together… here is everything you need to know;

This new channel 4 documentary will explore what will happen when the young move in with the old. We’re pairing young people with the older generation, to form interesting connections and help each generation with specific needs and are currently looking for people who are 65+ throughout the UK.

We formed this as an idea because the chances of a 25 to 35-year-old owning a home have halved in the last 20 years – meanwhile 3.5 million pensioners live alone. This heart-warming series will explore whether these two serious housing problems can be solved by bringing these two generations together. Firstly, through a first ever flatmate event for the two generations. At this event young and old can meet and if they match, can take part in a live-in trial for five days to see if they could live together permanently.  We hope to show either through trial or just a mere meeting at our event, that they’ll create surprising friendships and mutually beneficial relationships along the way.  

At this stage we’re looking for anyone to talk to that might benefit from social interaction / help around the house from someone.


The criteria for anyone would be as follows:


·         65 years or older

·         Lives in and around Manchester/Leeds

·         Has a sense of humour and some good stories to tell.

·         Lives in a home on their own with a spare room.

·         And if not willing to have a live-in lodger then willing to talk to us about this as an idea.


We look forward to hearing from you, please take a look at the flyers for contact details!

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