'Green power' will generate jobs

27 Jun 2019 10:22
Published by: Kian French

PLANS have been unveiled for a £200million 'green energy' plant on the outskirts of Preston with the potential to power up to 108,000 homes.

The aim is to create a biomass plant that would use up to 395,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste a year to generate low carbon electricity.

The Longridge Road Energy Centre (LREC) would be built on the Red Scar industrial estate.

International infrastructure firm Miller Turner has submitted a planning application to Lancashire County Council to construct and operate the "energy recovery facility."

It says the LREC has the potential to "significantly reduce" landfill, carbon and methane emissions and create and protect hundreds of jobs.

The project will create 40 permanent jobs and up to 500 during the construction phase. Apprenticeships will also be offered.

The plant will have the potential to provide electricity via 'private wire' directly to commercial and industrial customers.

Miller Turner says that by supplying electricity directly to the customer, power can be provided securely and at lower cost, "improving the competitiveness of connect businesses and helping to create or sustain hundreds of jobs and attract new investment to the area."

Any surplus energy not sold directly to commercial customers will be distributed via the public electricity grid.

Gregory Ewing, chief executive of Miller Turner, said: "Our team has extensive experience of delivering sustainable energy projects like Longridge Road Energy Centre in the UK.

"It will use well-proven, modern, efficient technology which is currently in operation at numerous energy recovery facilities across the UK and Europe.

"The plant will operate under a strict licensing system administered by the Environment Agency.

"We have been careful to ensure our proposals address any questions raised in the consultation and we have updated the website continuously as our proposals have been developed.

"Furthermore, in support of our local community we are proposing a community fund of £65,000 a year yo help support local initiatives and projects."

He added: "LREC has the potential to significantly reduce landfill, carbon and methane emissions and crate and protect hundreds of jobs.

"The location of the site offers significant opportunities for local businesses to benefit from the low cost, sustainable energy LREC will recover.

"We are pleased to be submitting our application and look forward to progressing this important project."

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